What the Heck is Floating?

Floating? For Real?
To be totally honest, the only the reason I floated for the first time was because I had just signed on for a job at a float center.  So of course, I went home and researched what floating is. The research didn’t do it justice in the slightest… For something as simple as floating in a bunch of Epsom Salt with almost what it seems like “endless benefits” seemed bogus to me. I had to see for myself.

I’m in the pod. Now what?
At first, I was weirded out that I was naked. But at the same time, I could have floated in bathing suit if needed, but it felt little vulnerable. I decided to not to listen to music and keep the pod open because I was skeptical and I was still feeling it out. I wanted to experience everything possible so I can relate to anyone who had this experience for the first time, too. I had the soft blue hue glow lit all around me and it was surprisingly calming. Trust me, I’m not a swimmer and nor do I know how to float in a regular pool. But let me tell you, I was levitating and felt like a Goddess. It was glorious!

After I got out of the pod
My mind was silenced, and then I had thoughts and memories, and it felt incredibly fast even though I had chosen a 60 minute session. I got out and my skin felt slick and I got into a warm shower and just let the water encapsulate me. I got dressed and took my time assembling myself. I was relaxed, but also rejuvenated and refreshed. I stepped out, drank some detox water that was in their beautiful loft area and just soaked it all in the goodness that i was feeling. I could have dried my hair at the blowout bar at the end of the hallway. Personally I don’t mind having wet hair! I couldn’t stop smiling. It was like I had just left a a deep tissue massage that not only relaxed my body but also my mind. In some strange way, I felt energized even though I was relaxed. This was a totally new and unexpected sensation that I didn’t anticipate happening to me.

Final Thoughts
Having just learned about floating, I was intially frustrated with myself for not being able to totally calm down and shut my mind off, but after a few more floats, something amazing started to happen:
• I can now concentrate on words and read a book from start to finish, which is HUGE for me
• I’m kinder to myself
• I’m letting go of things I can’t control
• I am able to be more in the current moment
• I can take in the beauty of the world in front of me in a different light
• I feel more in control of my body & my thoughts

The list could truly continue for pages and the list of personal benefits continues to grow the more I grow with the more I float.

About the author
Brooke York lives in South Jersey with her Therapy Dog, Evora. Together, they are on a journey of health and wellness and on a mission redefine how the world thinks of mental health disorders.

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