Nervous about climbing into a flotation tank?


It’s less intimidating if you know what to expect. Read our preparation tips and our FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions.  Once you arrive, we’ll review the float session instructions and answer any final questions you might have.  We want your first (and every) float experience to be memorable!

“Wisdom is the Reward of Experience and Should Be Shared” ~ Unknown Author


STEP 1: Call us @ 856-372-2389 or schedule your reservation online


STEP 2: Prepare yourself mentally and physically to make the most of your visit.


Avoid shaving before your arrival. Salt water on freshly shaven legs or face is not pleasant!

 Hydrate well and eat a light meal a few hours before floating

 Avoid caffeine for several hours prior to your flotation therapy session

 Wear glasses or remove your contacts prior to floating

Allow additional time after your reservation to relax in our Reflection Lounge


STEP 3: Arrive early the day of your reservation and get ready to float!


Arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time for check-in

Take a quick pre-float shower using shampoo/body wash

Customize your music selection (optional)

Settle into your pod or pool and FLOAT

Several loud “chimes” will indicate when your session is over

Finish with another shower to rinse off all of the Epsom Salt

Get dressed and emerge from your float  feeling relaxed and refreshed

Visit our Reflection Lounge and bask in the glorious post-float glow


Will I sink?

It is impossible to sink, no matter your shape or size.  Nearly 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salt dissolved in the water makes the solution 9X as salty as the ocean.  The water density is much greater than your body, which means you are pushed to the surface like a cork.  Anyone and everyone can’t help but float!

What will my first float be like?

Floating is a uniquely personal experience.  It may take a bit for you to “let go”, but people commonly report that they felt incredibly relaxed and calm by the end of their session.  Some also say they were able to achieve a deep level of concentration and/or that their time in a flotation tank unleashed their creativity.

We don’t want to influence your experience by sharing too much, but rest assured you’ll be safe and sound in your private float suite.  If you have any concerns or questions during your float, just press the intercom button to contact a Float Attendant.

Will I get bored in a flotation tank?

During the day we are constantly bombarded by sensory input and mental activity. Often during your first float your mind will be adjusting to the lack of stimulation and you may be thinking you want to be entertained! It’s perfectly normal to fidget a bit and get your bearings as you settle into the experience.

For some people, focusing on each breath helps bring a mindful awareness to the present.  Others find that music helps them achieve their bliss.  As you continue to settle in and allow the mind to let go, the deep relaxation and sense of calm that happens is amazing!

Is the water clean?

Float Therapy is extremely sanitary. Three things make the float tank very hygienic.

The first is the high concentration of Epsom salts.  Similar to the Dead Sea, it prevents almost all viruses, bacteria, etc., from surviving. (To give you some idea of the salt content, each liter of solution weighs 1.35 kilos, whereas the average liter of water weighs only one kilo.)

In addition, the water in the flotation tank is passed through a filter multiple times after each float and is further sanitized with ultra-violet light.  The water also contains small amount of hydrogen peroxide, which enhances the effectiveness of the UV treatment.  The water solution in our flotation tanks is tested on a daily basis to ensure extreme purity.

Finally, guests are also required to shower before entering the flotation tank to remove oils and bacteria.  At Infinity Float, we take every precaution to provide you with the cleanest, safest and most relaxing experience possible.

What should I wear while I float?

The salt solution will cause anything you might wear to get very heavy and press against your body, becoming a distraction.  We recommend climbing into the flotation tank with nothing on, however, you are welcome to wear a swimsuit if that makes you more comfortable.

Is there anyone that should not float?

Flotation therapy is generally recognized as a safe wellness practice, but we will not permit you to float if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Infectious skin or respiratory disorders
  • Open wounds
  • Incontinence
  • Epilepsy
  • Serious mental health conditions
  • A high-risk pregnancy
  • Have colored or permed your hair within 7 days or have colored hair that does not run completely clear in the shower
  • Under the influence of any drug or alcohol
  • Currently menstruating
  • Under 18 without parental presence


We expect you to inform us of any conditions for your own safety and the safety of other floaters! We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

Will my skin get wrinkly?

Nope!  All the Epsom Salt prevents the water from drawing the salt from your skin, so floating doesn’t cause wrinkles like a long bath does. Epsom salt is non-toxic and is not harmful if swallowed. Epsom Salt is actually beneficial to your skin.