At Infinity Float, we’re more than just a float center. We offer a variety of wellness services and products designed to compliment your holistic lifestyle.


Unplug and unwind in one of our modern float pools or pods. Float effortlessly in warm, tranquil water filled with soothing Epsom salt as you soak in the benefits of this mind/body therapy.

Our Tranquility suites each contain a sleek, modern pod and large shower. This space is highly recommended for guests seeking a sensory deprivation experience and is often preferred by float enthusiasts.

Our Serenity suites contain oversized float tanks and ADA-accessible showers. These are a great choice for new floaters or those seeking a more spacious alternative to traditional isolation tanks.


“Everything we do begins with you. Because we understand that floating is a very personal experience, we take the time to understand why you’re here . It helps us to set expectations and make recommendations suited to your specific situation. We do our best to make sure everyone who walks through our door feels like family.”

~ Cassie, Wellness Supervisor


Exhale and clear your mind in our state-of-the art, full spectrum infrared sauna. Bask in the penetrating warmth, knowing that the radiant heat is absorbed by the surface of the skin.


Sit back and relax as you inhale the dry salt particles dispersed within the enclosed booth. Enjoy the benefits of a respiratory cleanse in the comfort of our dry salt therapy booth.


Experience the physical and emotional benefits of massage, such as an increased relaxation response and improvements to physiological balance that can promote pain relief.


You might notice extra “pep in your step” after your first visit. We invite you to see and feel for yourself the benefits of this popular detoxifying foot bath.

Self-care is an important component of your overall health and wellness. Schedule your session today.

Better yet, invite a friend or family member to join you! Who do you know that might benefit from stress reduction, pain relief, improved sleep, detoxification, or accelerated athletic recovery?